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Makes all armor enchantments only enchantable on jewelry. Adds 2 ranks to Extra Effect. Changes magnitudes of some enchantments to be more consistent. Has versions for Summermyst and/or Adamant.

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Changes magnitude of
    Fortify Block           13 to 8
    Fortify Healing Rate    10 to 20
    Fortify Lockpicking     13 to 8
    Fortify Archery         13 to 8
    Fortify One-Handed      13 to 8
    Fortify Pickpocket      13 to 8
    Fortify Sneak           13 to 8
    Fortify Stamina Regen   10 to 20
    Fortify Two-Handed      13 to 8
    Fortify Unarmed          5 to 8

A mod that adds jewelry to a new slot is recommended.

So in vanilla, the most enchantments you could have on a character is 16. 2 for boots, gloves, armor, helmet, circlet, shield, ring, and necklace. And for each individual enchantment you could only have 4 at most.

This mod paired with a jewelry mod you get the full 16 enchantments and are limited to only 4 of the same enchantment, similar to vanilla, but you can feel free to swap armor as often as you like without messing up your build.